In short, CBD or in its scientific term- “Cannabidiol” is a chemical compound that is naturally found in various plants such as Marijuana and Hemp.

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CBD is often mentioned in the same sentence as THC but the two are very different. While THC (as well as CBD) are found in the Marijana plant, CBD can also be produced from Hemp, which do not contain THC. This allows to isolate the CBD and use for medical treatment and wellness. CBD has been shown by some researchers to help treat various medical conditions such as anxiety and muscle/ joint pain. Users from around the world are reporting positive effects and no side effects when using CBD making it safe and legal to use.

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  • THC is the active psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in other words- that’s what get you high. Unlike TCH, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high or buzzed.This might disappointing for some recreational users but is considered a huge benefit in medical treatment as consumers can incorporate CBD Vape Oil or sublements into their daily routine with no side effects.
  • THC is known to cause in some cases paranoia and anxiety. CBD has been shown by some researchers to have the opposite effect- relaxing and reducing anxiety.
  • THC is known to be a powerful sleeping aid. CBD however, is shown to have the opposite effect- promoting alertness and wakefulness. This makes CBD a poor sleeping aid choice, and is recommended to consume during the day and not at night.
  • THC is mainly found in the Cannabis plant, making it illegal in most states and countries, except for places such as Colorado or Washington where legislators have approved the drug for medical and recreational use. CBD is in a somewhat grey area as it is derived from Hemp, which is perfectly legal to import and sell in the US. The CBD found in products is imported from other countries as High CBD Hemp Extracts. This makes CBD legal to sell and consume in all 50 US states.