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Disposable CBD Vape Pens: How to Choose

There is no better and convenient way to vape your CBD liquids than with disposable CBD vape pens. With the growing use of CBD compounds as a relief for certain conditions and illnesses, many users have opted to use the CBD vape pens as their preferred mode of intake; given its health advantages over smoking […]

Best CBD Advertising Companies

Just like any other industry where you stand to turn a profit, marketing in the CBD industry is crucial to your success. When it comes to CBD specifically, for so many both on a large and small scale, many questions still hang in the air about CBD, including what exactly it is, how it works […]

New Jersey is at war with marijuana users

The law enforcement agencies of New Jersey State have been making more and more arrests for the last couple of years. Research shows that there have been over 32,000 arrests per year. In today’s article, we will tell you how New Jersey State is at war with marijuana users. Read on! However, laws regarding cannabis […]

NJ Marijuana Legalization Is Alive Again

Legislators have approved polling for November 2020 to allow the voters of New Jersey to decide the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. NJ marijuana legalization is alive again, which means if the voters voted in favor of its legalization, every licensed NJ marijuana dispensary would start selling marijuana products including CBD edibles for recreational […]

Beth Stavola plans to take cannabis mainstream

Beth Stavola is one of the most renowned leaders in the cannabis industry. She convinced her sister to leave her job and join her in the cannabis business. After making substantial efforts for over seven years, Stavola is considered one of the most influential personalities in the marijuana industry. So, how Beth Stavola plans to […]

What’s The Deal With The TSA CBD Policy Change?

CBD is still a schedule 1 drug under federal law? Yes, for all intensive purposes CBD is still a Schedule 1 Drug and is therefore an illegal substance under federal law. However, the 2018 Farm Bill really changed the scene for hemp growers. So, does this mean you no longer need to hide your CBD […]


Cannabinoids are by-products of the Cannabis Sativa plant. With passing days, CBD products are reaching new heights of popularity in the medical world. These are naturally derived products from the hemp plant which are often used to treat certain conditions. Since, CBD products are obtained from a psychoactive plant, they have certain properties which are […]