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Beth Stavola plans to take cannabis mainstream

Beth Stavola is one of the most renowned leaders in the cannabis industry. She convinced her sister to leave her job and join her in the cannabis business. After making substantial efforts for over seven years, Stavola is considered one of the most influential personalities in the marijuana industry. So, how Beth Stavola plans to take cannabis mainstream? Let’s find out!

As the medical cannabis program is about to expand in New Jersey State, some of the most reputable female leaders – including Beth Stavola – in the marijuana industries have taken a keen interest in taking cannabis mainstream. She shared her success story at the NJ Cannabis Insider event, which was held on October 2, 2019.

Beth Stavola was the former COO of MPX, the chief strategy officer at iAnthus, and is the co-founder of “CBD for Life.” She was among the many powerful players that participated in the all-day multi-tracking panel event organized by NJ Cannabis Insider at the “New Jersey Convention and Expo Center in Edison” where she addressed different marijuana companies and provided them with her key insights on the expansion of their businesses.
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Beth Stavola – in a personal interview with NJ Cannabis Insider – said that there is a lot of room for new licenses in New Jersey. She believed that New Jersey State will be an extremely healthy market for marijuana companies and consumers.

Many industry leaders and advocates like Beth Stavola have called for diversity as the cannabis industry grows in New Jersey State. According to Stavola, “it is an incredible start, however, we need to work a lot more to legalize and expand the industry in order to make it more profitable.”

At the same time, Stavola said that for the New Jersey market to thrive, it is important that marijuana companies get their hands on resources, which will allow them to have some significant economic development.

For instance, it is extremely important to provide loans to smaller organizations, which would help them build and succeed like other marijuana companies that are up and running.

Influencing state politics in New Jersey is becoming a staple of business the business as it has been for various other marijuana entrepreneurs who got success in this new and rapidly evolving industry.

As more and more localities are examining the job creation as well as tax revenues that legal cannabis can generate, industrial leaders like Beth Stavola are making efforts to weigh on everything from regulation by law to compliance to social justice.
marijuana dispensary Beth Stavola remains optimistic that recreational marijuana in New Jersey will become a reality in the near future. She said that she will continue to promote and advocate for its legalization.

Her mission is to create experienced teams, get access to capital, and grow marijuana companies through acquisitions. She thinks that these are key drivers, which will make any marijuana company and NJ marijuana dispensary successful. Combining these skills, you can build a marijuana company, which will seize the large number of opportunities that the cannabis industry in New Jersey offers.