Is the FDA Trying to Ban E-Liquid Flavors?

While vaping has fewer risks to health compared to smoking, as it is based on vapors and not on smoke or combustion by-products, e-cigarettes are not completely risk-free. If the habit itself has little chances of producing damages on the lungs, it appears that certain chemicals used in the making of e-liquids can be potentially dangerous. More precisely, the flavors contained by these substances can be rather harmful. There are even reports stating the fact that flavors in e-liquids can contain various bacteria and can even trigger seizures. So, under these circumstances, no wonder the FDA is seriously considering the ban of flavors and other chemicals in e-liquids.

But what if you’re interested in CBD e-liquid and not the regular e-liquid? Well, even CBD e-liquid can be found in a variety of flavors. The flavor of natural cannabis is not that appealing to everyone, plus we all know that many people are fans of certain flavors.

Thus, in order to increase the number of sales and satisfy the demand on the market, many CBD e-liquid providers introduced assortments with different flavors. But, as you can tell, very many people are unhappy with the intention of the FDA to ban flavored e-liquids, as this may make the process less enjoyable. So, there is the question of whether the FDA has sufficient evidence to base its accusations on, or this is something strictly connected to politics.

Well, according to the FDA, there are 35 distinct cases in which convulsions and seizures are believed to be caused by vaping. It is true that the number of cases is not that high, but still, the authorities are concerned that it may go up if measures are not adopted fast. So, those using a vape pen are looking to see what happens next. For the moment, the FDA is considering to tighten the rules concerning e-liquids for fruity flavors. It is not sure what kind of flavors will be affected, so if you’re using a vape pen, you should have your options open. Also, if you’re interested in CBD e-liquid, you should seriously consider getting the natural ones, without flavors. Of course, when it comes to CBD, make sure you check the quality and purity of the product before purchasing such a product.

At the same time, the FDA is interested in taking away fruity flavors in the case of e-cigarettes so that they become less attractive to young people and kids. A vape pen can be considered very interesting for youngsters when it comes in so many flavors. For an adult, a vape pen, especially when CBD e-liquid is involved, can be a great treatment in the case of anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and other unwanted conditions. What we all need to pay attention is the quality of the CBD e-liquid we choose to use. Not all products containing CBD are reliable enough, in spite of the fact that CBD has no psychoactive effects. The product may be of poor quality or may be contaminated with other chemicals, so always pay attention to what you’re purchasing.